SUMO Testimonials
“I would definitely do this again. I was impressed by the convenience (better than a class). I liked that it only took about 45 minutes and my class time and testing was on my pace as well. The cost for the online portion, kit and skill evaluation was STILL cheaper than going to a local class.”
“I think you should tell more people about it. I thought I was going to have to meet someone in person and when they said I could do the SUMO kit, I thought it was a great option for me. Your program is great for people who need the CPR but don't have time to join a class with a ton of other students. You should advertise and share it more. I was glad I found it!”
“It really all worked very well for me. I re-certified and didn't lose any time from work or use a whole Saturday of my precious time off! Thanks! It was a very good experience!”
“The instructor was very professional. He asked if I had any questions during the session, which made the experience feel helpful, instead of having the pressure of just getting thru the test.”
“It was very realistic and convenient. Despite having very busy schedules, we were able to squeeze in this necessary time. It is very much appreciated. Thank you so much!”