About the Program

The Single Use Manikin Option, or SUMO™, is a way of getting certified in CPR completely online. It has been possible to learn CPR online for years now. However, a skill evaluation on a manikin is required in order to fully meet American Heart guidelines.

You may or may not have this requirement, but if you do, you were previously either required to take a classroom course or a blended course with an in-person skill evaluation on a manikin. SUMO™ now makes it possible to perform this skill evaluation remotely with a web cam and an inexpensive manikin kit, meaning you can get certified without ever leaving home and without fear of denial.



Requirements to use SUMO™

  • Computer with webcam, tablet, or smart phone
  • Device used for the video conference must have working microphone and speakers
  • High speed Internet connection


Pricing & Kit Contents

Course Total
ProCPR $159.90
ProFirstAid $114.90
ProFirstAid Basic $99.90
ProFirstAid Advanced $159.90
ProCPR Basic $99.90
Community CPR $114.90
ProACLS $294.95
ProACLS Recertification $274.95
ProPALS $294.95
ProPALS Recertification $274.95