Group Solutions

We have worked with thousands of large and small companies to implement online and blended CPR training for their staff. Contact one of our group coordinators to find out how this could work for your organization. Here are a few examples of common implementation solutions.

For Small Groups

SUMO™ was designed as a single-use manikin for one person, but it can work for small groups as well. Dentist offices, doctor offices, and nursing homes are some ideal candidates. We recommend using one manikin for every 5 employees and a one-way face shield as a barrier for germs. The cost for each additional employee is $17, which includes the skill evaluation fee and extra face shield.

For Larger Groups

While we don't recommend the single-use manikin for a large group, the SUMO™ remote skill evaluation process has worked very well with a durable manikin kit. Contact us to get a more detailed quote for your group.

Another option for larger groups is to have ProTrainings certify an employee as a skill evaluator to perform the hands-on portion for your group.

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